Stories from Pam Uphoff


Genetic engineering enabled psychic abilities in the test children. And the ability to control the machinery to open portals between parallel Earths. But prejudice turned into exile, and the escape of the most powerfully “magical.”

Outcasts and Gods

Exiles and Gods (Three Novellas)

The Black Goats


Spy Wars

One Alone

Comet Fall

A Taste of Wine (Seven Tales)

Dark Lady

Growing Up Magic (Four Novellas)

Young Warriors

God of Assassins

Heirs of Crown and Spear

The Fiend

Empire of the One

Warriors of the One


Earth gate

Mages at Large

Art Theft


Sea Wolves

Bad Karma

Dark Side of the Moon





On the Run

God of the Sun

Cannibal World

No Confidence

Pure Poison


Last Merge

Nowhere Man

Black Point Clan

External Relations

Meet the Family

Children of a Foreign God

Lucky Dave

A Prophetable Dimension

Tales From the Multiverse


Lost and Found



Professor of Magic




Mall Santa

Saturday Night

War Party

Warrior at Large

Cool as Ice


The Maze of Worlds



An offshoot of the Wine of the Gods series, and frequently intertwining. Three powerful Oners attend the University of the Empire’s School of Directorate Studies. Paer, the daughter of the president, Ra’d a time displaced Warrior trainee, and Ebsa “Kitchen” Clostuone all want to explore the worlds of the Multiverse. And this is where they start . . . getting into serious trouble.

Directorate School

A Tale of Three Interns

Trouble in Paradise

First Posting


Fort Dinosaur

Shadow Zone

Project Dystopia

Fractured Loyalties

Cooking Hot

The Boy

One Love

A Warrior’s Art


YA under the pen name ZOEY IVERS

YA Cyberpunk Adventures: A world without sleep, and a lot of unexpected consequences

The Barton Street Gym



YA Fantasy: When even the Gods are corrupt, how can a bunch of kids save a young prince?

Demi God


Fancy Free
Artificial personalities are illegal. Destroyed whenever found.
The Lawyers of Mars
A spoof on lawyers–cold-blooded and scaly–that got a bit out of control

Time Loop

It’s not easy to change the course of history . . .

In the Rift

They said there were no pirates in space. They lied.

Double Dragon

A distant planet, a crippled Starship . . . and Dragons with personality problems.

Doctor Inferno

Retired superheroes and super villains get hauled out to save the world again . . .

By Pam Uphoff

7 comments on “Stories from Pam Uphoff

  1. Hi, while waiting for the next Directorate or Wine of the Gods story I just finished Lawyers of Mars. Uh, what happened tp Of Martians and Men? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • 27 Rael
      28 On the Run
      D1 Directorate School
      D2 A Tale of Three Interns
      29 God of the Sun
      30 Cannibal World
      D3 Trouble in Paradise
      31 No Confidence
      32 Pure Poison
      33 Flying
      D4 First Posting
      D5 Surveillance Camp
      D6 Fort Dinosaur
      D7 Shadow Zone
      34 The Last Merge
      35 Nowhere Man
      36 Black Point Clan
      D8 Project Dystopia
      D9 Fractured Loyalties
      37 External Relations
      And then all the rest of the Directorate stories.
      This is a pretty static site, is where I mostly live. Lots of spoilers, though, if you haven’t finished through Destroyer.

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