The Wine of the Gods

An unusual science fiction and fantasy series by Pam Uphoff

It started with genetic engineering . . . and ended in magic.

Outcasts and Gods
They were just kids, no matter that the law called them hybrid laboratory animals. Will their special abilities lead the to freedom or make them too valuable to ever let get away?

Exiles and Gods
Freedom! On a parallel Earth where mankind never happened, and the animal have no fear of humans, where they can learn and experiment with their genetically conferred “magic.” And find that man is still his own worst enemy.
Two bonus stories, as time passes and a society with working magic grows–and learns why this world was chosen for the exile. A comet on a collision course!

The Black Goats
Fourteen centuries after the comet fell, the Village of Ash is home to an eccentic group of gods and magicians. And seven evil wizards who were transformed into goats, and long to escape the control of their old retired enemy.

Scouts from the Kingdom explore across the arctic and into Asia–just as the Earth rediscovers their world. But fourteen centuries of war and turmoil on earth means they’ve forgotten all about their exiles. And have no respect for the “Natives” who foolishly think they own their world.

Spy Wars
Both the Earth and the Empire of the One have discovered their world, and plan on making it their own. Can they be pitted against each other and made to go away? Or will their society be ground up between the technologically more advanced worlds? Infiltrators from Earth and Info Teams from the One World clash.

One Alone
Once a powerful Agent of the One, Rior is alone now, and revenge is on the agenda.

Comet Fall
Another Comet. Can they somehow divert this one? Or will the Gods fail again?

A Taste of Wine
Short stories and cut scenes to fill in a few gaps in the series.

Dark Lady
Over strained diverting the Comet, she fled through a gate to get away from the psychic screams of the dying. Will she ever be able to return?

Growing Up Magic
A boy wizard, a young wife and mother, a farm boy, and a prince. All with magical talent, all trying how to grow up with it.

Young Warriors
It is the custom for young Lords to serve two years in the Army. The officer can observe them, train them, give them experience. Some they’ll recruit, some they’ll be delighted to see the last of. But what are they to make of a wizard who happens to be the son of the God of War?

The God of Assassins
One prince murdered, one prince escaped with a crippling injury–and a desire for revenge.

Heirs of Crown and Spear
Prince Staven does not want to be the heir to the crown, surely one of these nephews would do as well . . .

Empire of the One
The Magicians of Ash have located the world that invaded theirs. Now it’s time to turn the table on them, with espionage and social sabotage.

A wounded heroine limps home to heal. But physical therapy takes second place to murder!

Warriors of the One
They took shelter in a dimensional bag when the fort was overrun. The time dilation inside results in the survivors walking out of the bag a thousand year later. The world has changed, and they don’t fit.

Earth Gate
The Earth returns. Now even more belligerent. How is a medieval society going to stand up to tanks and missiles?

The Dark Side of the Moon

Heliotrope is going to have to grow up fast if she want to win a battle with the renegade witches


Three interlinked stories about a desperate divorcee, the God of Thieves, Country hicks and a young cavalry officer.


Paer is determined to get on the Olympic Equestrian Team. Others want on as well, and are more than willing to use magic to sabotage their rivals!


Xen tries to give peace a chance. But getting the Earth and the Empire of the One to talk instead of fight is complicated by interdimensional criminals.


The Dancer is back in two stories about following dubious orders and a murderer among her sister’s wedding guests.

Directorate School

The start of a spin off series. Youngsters at college, training for the teams that explore the Mulitverse.

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Yes! An update!

All new covers, a few more books.

For discussions, and occasional excepts of work-in-progress:

The Wine of the Gods Series:

Outcasts and Gods

Exiles and Gods

The Black Goats


Spy Wars

Comet Fall

A Taste of Wine

Dark Lady

Growing Up Magic


I’m also starting a new series, sort of Cyberpunk.

I’m using the pen name Zoey Ivers to brand the books “Kid Safe.” They aren’t kids books, but there won’t be any sex, even behind closed doors.

Doors into the Dimensions:

The Barton Street Gym



I’m experimenting with CreateSpace, and actual print books. Coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Wine of the Gods Series–Outcasts and Gods

1 Outcasts and Gods JPEG
I’ve dived into epublishing, armed with nothing but my complete ignorance confidence in myself. On the job training proceeds.


This is the first book of a series, well, technically, the prequel, but who’s counting? Currently available in the Kindle store.


Cover blurb, or advert:


Genetic engineering.

First they cured the genetic diseases.

Then they selected for the best natural traits.

Then they made completely artificial genes.

As the test children reached puberty, abilities that had always been lost in the random background noise were suddenly obvious.



At first their creators sought to strengthen these traits.

Then they began to fear them.

They called them gods, and made them slaves.


Wolfgang Oldham was sixteen when the company laid claim to him.

He escaped, and stayed free for three years.

When he was arrested, identified and returned to the company, they trained him to be useful.

They didn’t realize that they were training him to be dangerous.


Book four of the "Wine of the Gods" seriesYep, you guessed it. The fourth book. It’s getting a final polish before its debue on Kindle.

Next step, figure out Nook.

Cover blub:

Genetically engineering lifted psychic powers above the random background of coincidence. Backlash and prejudice against ‘magic’ and ‘demons’ resulted in the exile of the genetically engineered to dangerous worlds, not-quite-parallel earths they weren’t expected to survive.

Thirteen hundred years of turbulent Earth history later they’ve been forgotten.

And rediscovered.

The Black Goats

Book Three of the "Wine of the Gods" seriesAnd just to prove I have no taste of sense of style, here’s the cover of the third book in the series.


I’m still working on the second one.

Cover blurb:

They were the last magic users in the world.

Seventeen witches and eight badly inbred mages. Nine wizards, eight of them transformed into large black goats.

Perhaps the gods should not have drunk so much while considering how to remedy the situation.